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Upgrading WE XDM Compact (Over-hopping)

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Hi all,

This is probably one to sit in the guts of the forum but I thought I'd post just incase anyone else experiences a similar problem to mine.


I bought a second hand WE XDM Compact after shooting a friend's and seeing how fun they are to shoot!

I put some HPA valves on it and run it on about 90 PSI (HPA).


Sadly, the one I bought was constantly over-hopping (even .32's!), with the hop turned down fully.


I did see a guy on youtube disassembling the hop unit and bending the arm that squeezes the hop rubber, however.....

Just as I prepared myself to do this, I remembered that I had a spare Inner Barrel with "Monster Hop Up" attached - I'd bought it a few years back for my G19s and it turned out that a DIY mod proved to have better results.


Anyway, I popped that in (a little longer than the stock inner barrel - the one I put in was 84mm so I assume the stock is 80mm)...


it went from over-hopping way too much, and being incredibly inacruate to being my new fabourite go-to pistol!

Shoots really great, set the hop nicely for about 20m and there's plenty more hop on offer if I need it! 


FYI, it's these inner barrels (This link is longer than the one I put in but you get the point)

They aren't expensive and it could help someone out, hope it does.



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