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Warehouse Airsoft - Louth, Lincolnshire

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Went along to this place today after work from 6-9pm.

Its a dedicated indoor CQB site, rooms and corridors are super tight but its still alot of fun. Lots of crawl spaces and sneaky spots to play from.


Myself and one other player were the only ones using rifles, everyone else were using pistols or short shotguns and it was soon evident as to why! A CQB rifle is a bit of a disadvantage at this place but you can still have a decent game using one.

Staff were all welcoming and friendly.

Prices are £10 walk on fee or £15 to hire a gun,mask and bb's. They also do a military discount for those serving and show their ID (£7.50 walk on, £12.50 hire)

Certainly plan on going back again soon.

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Just back from a private game that they so kindly hosted for us out of their normal opening times.


Played a shedload of different types of games within the 3 hours we had with a stop for a burger and chips halfway through. Paid £3.50 for a cheeseburger, chips and a can of coke, really cant complain with that.


It was also nice to see that because the building itself is relatively small the layout had been changed quiet significantly to keep things fresh, i was last there only a month ago so its clear they change around frequently. One of the site owners informed me that they are looking into building a second floor in the near future to make better use of the already limited space.


The hospitality we received from the staff that run the place was second to none considering it didnt cost us alot of money each. Didnt charge us for extra ammo on the hire guns even though we absolutely chewed through the beebs (easily 3000 each) they also didnt charge me anything when i asked to buy more ammo as i was using my own rifle and gear and mine was getting low. One of the marshalls simply took out a bottle of bb's and filled mine to the brim from 3/4 empty, wouldnt even take my money despite offering on many occasions.


Really am lost for words as to how accommodating these guys were. Aside from the standard safety briefing they pretty much let us decide our own rules with regards to point blanking and overshooting, we all agreed we were fine with it as we weren't there to take it all too seriously, as a result alot of us have some very tasty welts to show for it.

Their banter was absolutely spot on aswell. Top laughs all round


Considering only myself and one other person in our group had played before everybody really enjoyed themselves, i think its safe to say weve managed to collar a few more new players.

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