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Outer Barrel - ARES??

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Looking for some advice regarding outer barrels.

I am modifying my Honey Badger with a ARES Octarms Keymod hand guard. My existing guard falls between the 10" and 12" options I can buy.

This will mean either a lot more of my "Silencer" will show or it will be inside the hand guard (not good).


I would like to go for the longer 12", but will then need to push everything out and thus increasing the length of the outer barrel (And inner).

Has anyone changed the outer barrel on the ARES Honey Badger series? If so, are they a straight swap with any M14 outer barrel?

Also, any recommended brands, or specific brands to avoid?



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Did the Rail you bought fit the gun? Im asking bc I have an AM-014 and im currently tryng to buy a rail but I haven't found any options so far. 

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