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Sam Moya

Kill flash/Lens protector.

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Hey all.

So for a while now I've been looking for a lens protector for my rifles scope,

Now I either have to pay an arm and a leg or play the guessing game on eBay and hope I get the correct part.

No, not happening, so here below is anot easys guide on how to make one yourself. Only cost around 10 pounds including paint.

Fingers crossed I got the image links right..




So first I bought this piece of mesh from BnQ




You'll want to draw around your scopes sunshade and add these four points at each side (circle,sides yeah I know)




Place over your sun shade.




Now gently push your lens cap over the top of the mesh... or if you don't have a lens cap you can just use some strong sniper tape electrical tape etc.




End product.




Just to show you can't see the mesh through the scope.


So there you go people I hope this helped, I recommend some sharp wire snips for this makes it all very simple.

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How many shots at 5m 1J to break it? I use these mesh for keeping insects and i have difficulty imagining it's able to cope with shots from closer than that.

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I've fired my KSC USP at almost point blank (couple inches away) and it took about 5 shots to really dent the mesh. I think at any real range, say 30 feet away you'd be laughing.

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