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Charger questions

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I just want to be sure that I'm getting the right charger for the battery.


Will this: http://airsoftzone.co.uk/batteries-and-chargers/chargers-and-connectors/balancing-charger-for-7-4v-and-11-1v-lipo-and-2s3s-life-batteries


Charge this:http://airsoftzone.co.uk/11-1v-2600mah-20c-lipo-crane-stock-battery-mini-tamiya-vp


if not, please tell me what I should/shouldn't use. If I am missing something that is needed, please also tell me.



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charger is $hit and will take longer as it charges through the thin "balance lead"

(or a B3 type using a psu)


GENUINE I-Max B6 - there are a lot of clones out there.....

Gen B6 from genuine reliable company is about £20+

you can use an old laptop psu 11v to 18v to power it or a Gen AC B6 - has built in transformer from mains


only other thing is a B6 has banana leads to deans usually so charging small tamiya battery will require adapter

or just replace tamiya on battery/gun to deans if you can solder


basic B3 balance chargers are ok tbh but they do take longer to charge but still ok as they are straight forward to use - just a bit slower to charge

£15+ for B3, hmm I'd say look into B6 and just be done with it if you can


PS - never buy batteries from airsoft shops:




ahh crap...


b6 - clone
or about £11 on fleabay
but tbh get genuine as it is accurate and shouldn't overcharge like some clones can:
note this is from EU site as UK out of stock of gen B6
but good news EU holds more stock of airsoft batteries
alas some of the 11.1v airsoft batteries are out of stock
but very cheap stuff is block batteries if your gun can take them
- measure battery space carefully but you can get 7.4v for about £7 for 2200mah 25c
or this mofo 11.1v:
25c to 30c is plenty even for tweaked guns
yes you can use 40c-60c but be careful
yes you can buy what you proposed for about £50 for charger & battery
but if you can solder and read up a bit - you can get more value for money or lipo for money

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welcome - just have a looksie and read up

but you pay through the nose at airsoft shops....


you could save some money and get batteries from component and a basic b3 balance lead charger at a push


but please make sure you measure your battery compartment and give yourself some generous wiggle room

no point buying a battery that don't fit coz it is 1mm too fat/long or you didn't allow for leads and connectors

(classic mistakes that I too have made even after I thought I measured it etc...)

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