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Wolverine AK?

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So, I've had my HPA converted Vector, and running my tippmann alot lately.


I'm debating HPA'ing an AK, as love all the customisation and upgrading you can do to AEG's. My main aim for this build is semi-auto accuracy.


I'd be looking at a Wolverine Inferno (as it's the only one I've found to fit AK boxes) and am liking the looks of an APS AK variant, specifically this one -





So...having never worked on HPA like this before...will this actually work, and what else am I going to need?


I have a tank/ Ninja LPR regulator, line with connectors, suba tank refil station. I have a tiny 7.2 lipo from R/C days.


Any advice for me, will this work, anyone seen any good guides for the exact process? I've seen lot's of M4's but I really want to do something different, having never seen a HPA Ak.

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Well, I did it.


I went with an E&L AK-74 full wood.


Install was easy. I attempted to shorten the nozzle, and I believe I've done it too much. At Max psi I'm only getting about 330fps and terrible accuracy.


Flying out to the US next week, already put in an order from Amped for a replacement nozzle, new barrel etc.


Will get some pictures up soon!

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