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ICS MP5 A5 gearbox assembly bushes

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So my ICS MP5 A5 safety stopped working so I decided to open the thing up and have a look. I found the safety lever had snapped. I opened the gearbox and I lost track of the positioning of 2 bushes. Here is what I have:




There are the 3 bushes in the blue circle that are positioned but there are 2 in the red square, a silver and a black one which I do not know where they go. Can someone help me figure out where they go?


Thank you!

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Hmmmm - thought they were shims at first glance but unsure if they are washers that belong on the 4 small top bolts of gearbox


The empty half of gearbox appears to have "shims" on the 2 lower of the 3 blue circled bushings

these go on the spur and sector gears and is "probably" about right-ish for a basic shim job

(at first I thought the sector didn't have any shims so the red items must belong on the sector perhaps)


BUT - it appears on the other half of gearbox there are shims that belong on top of the 2 upper gears

so I'm a bit stumped at the items that look like washers (thicker) than shims (thinner)

I'm guessing the 4 top screws might have had washers if they were not countersunk like other longer screws in gearbox


if this is a bit confusing I suggest you have a look here:


(yes it is zero one but a bit of breakdown of what a v2 box looks like and how it is assembled with lots of pics)


ps - yes #9 & #10 are STILL labelled incorrectly ffs don't they correct it when it was pointed out ages ago ffs


#9 is the SECTOR not the bevel gear

#10 is the BEVEL not the sector gear


jeeez - sorry for slight inaccuracy, otherwise it shows a good deal of what is inside a v2 gearbox

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Thanks for getting back.

Just taken another look and the top 4 screws already have their washers on.

The 2 left holes inside the blue circle do not have anything on them but the right one does so is that where the 2 in the red square go?

(I thought they did but at closer inspection there was nothing on the 2 holes on the left.)


EDIT - Gear 10 has a bushing on it already so would one of the ones in the red square go on the top hole on the empty half? That would mean there would be 2 on the gear. I Guess the 3 silver ones go on the 3 holes on the empty side (the gears) which leaves the black.

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right - I thought there was a shim or two on the other half of the box


now what you need to do is remove cylinder and tappet plate and start to check the shimming....




I would try to leave the gears as they are in the left side of the box where the gears are sitting at present

That way the rough bevel gear height "should" remain roughly intact

them extra shims may need to simply go on top of the gears to finish the spacing out of gears....

bolt the box up and check that gears spin freely and slight movement side to side

watch video and pay attention....


you shouldn't need to remove the gears and if you do ensure the shims go back as they are or you are gonna make the shimming & refitting harder

shimming is very important and hopefully you only need to space out the top of gears and ensure they spin ok

you don't shim too tight - aprox 0.5mm side to side movement and smooth running of gears spinning

(ya finger in where cylinder window was and flick the gears.....)


hopefully the gears can be stacked or shimmed back to roughly what they was like

best of luck

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