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WE Mk17 P* Jack double feeding

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Hey all


So a while back i converted my mk17 to the P* jack but due to unfortunate timing, meant i did not use the gun for a few months.

Skipping a head to the last game day i attended..

Prior to chrono test i had a blast up the range as you do, wasting 1/3 your daily bb usage while holding slightly insane looking grinn :)

Big double feed issue, verry irregular and hard to track down.

After replacing my bucking to a 60" shark red "pretty good btw", found no change.


Finally found the issue and what was acutally happening was when a BB is fed, it would hit the top of the hop the slide forward toward the bucking.

This would leave the most miniscule of gaps perfectly sized to allow another to join the queue behid it.



With the unusal and bad design of this hopup, WE introduced a ported hole on the top of the hop to try help hold/guide the bbs.



The second issue is the jack nozzle.

While it is long enough, its resting place sits too far back. Thus allowing the space from the feed tube for BBs to slip by.

Actual resting place..



Ideal resting place.



So the two resolutions hae different outcomes.


One, slightly enlarge the porting to make the bb sit in a larger sturdy hole to stop any bbs pushing it out the way "issue may still arise and not fixed"

two, shim the jack nozzle forward as shown below. Removing the issue all together. "if can be done, will remove issue"



What do you think? Any better ideas would be welcome here ;)


Also here is a slow mo of the issue in action. Pretty neat :P Issue is around 35 seconds



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Sorry, dont want to clutter old topics.
I can confirm that the WE mk17 is a standard V2 gearbox and uses the standard m4 nozzle.
Before i contacted polarstar i did some measurements and found two issues.

The resting position of the nozzle on the jack is too far back. Allowing BB's to feed as seen above. Being able to set the resting point would have helped. But physically its not possible as the internal construction and air spike.
This was later confirmed by polarstar :)


The fix that im currently testing, reduce the inner diameter of the bb feed pipe.
I found that not allowing the bbs to moved too much as they move towards the hopup. For some unknown reason WE made the feed pipe change diameter half way up.
It increases by roughly 1MM.

Currently i have added material to the end of the feeder. Forcing the bbs to stick in line.
Permanent fix will be to fill the entire hop feed and drill a new 6.2mm hole 1mm infront of the origional location.


Airsoft event tomorrow so will be testing the fix a bit more as well as my new Orga magnus 400mm barrel :wub:
Will report back.

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