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Broken gun?

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I would like to use my new G&G predator but I'm having a problem.


I use a WE sm4 smart charger and WE nimh 8.4v nunchuck batteries.


I can start firing my gun normal but after a few minuites the gun will stop firing after around 30seconds the gun can fire again. But, it will only fire one shot and the time to wait until I can fire again is longer.


Does anybody else have this problem or know how to fix it?

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11.1v lipo


read all of this:



get 2 x lipo's from component shop if keeping v3 stock or get stubby

good idea for ETU from G&G but again just badly implemented


should work with 7.4v in manual but it don't and cuts out or don't last long on lower juice

11.1v will be fine - it has the mosfet in there and with lame G&G motor & stock gearing it won't be too insane

(aprox 20rps - so will feel much more snappy)

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