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Dorset Airsoft Family

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Hello to all, we are a Dorset Airsoft family we began five years ago when I started together with my son.


My partner and her son have been playing for just over a year and are now both keen players


Our local site is Ground Zero but we have also played at various other sites around the area including The Mall that we try to visit at least once a year


We have also been lucky enough to play several sites in Spain over the past three years


Hope to get involved in the forum and join this community


Thanks in advance Manny........



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Welcome :) This is the home of witty banter, discussion, and some really helpful information and advice.


You will note that there are several members who regularly play at the Mall and others who go occasionally, so it is a good site to meet other forum members.


And remember that the search button is your friend (providing you use 4 characters or more).

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