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UMARES - G36c Sportline - Motor and piston/cylinder & head replacement

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Hi Guys,


As a "registered user" I am a new user but I have been lurking for a while, what a great resource this site is :-)


I have been trying to research the upgrade options for the my UMARES - G36c Sportline and have been struggling with the information I have identified and i suspect this is as a result of not understanding terminology and what is comparable with what? and hence asking for some opinions here.


I am a trained engineer so not afraid of doing the work myself ;-)

My gun is ok at the moment but it has lost something with age and is far less consistent compared to the way is was previously and I know it could be better.


The gun comes with a v3 gearbox.


I want to upgrade the motor and I see that the LONEX A2 is a good option, but how do I find out what version of that motor is compatible with my G36c as there are short and long versions and what do all the color options mean?


I also see it is highly recommended to change the cylinder & piston as well as changing the cylinder head/port, again how would I know what to go for to ensure that its fits my G36c?


Any help or part suggestions would be massively appreciated.







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Short motor, shs torque is another option.


Most likely hop rubber bucking might need checking.


Piston, piston head replacement - well only if starting to wear. Better options, AoE with sorbo + new piston ring, PTFE tape on cylinder head, o-ring nozzle, plus grease. Reshim if you think of needs it or leave if OK.


Going whole hog, rewire MOSFET deans


All depends on where you start/stop

Or another way to look at it:

What breaks next ?


Short motor in g36 & AK's

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Thanks for the reply really appreciate your time taken :-)


I will research the suggested parts and post back my plans later. The motor is a defo job on the list.

The cylinder, piston and head will follow.


Thsnks for the help



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