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G&g gc ffr 16 12"

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My G&g GC FFR 16 12" ha died on me no sound what so ever

I've checked the fuse

Checked the battery

Checked the motor is conteced

It is making no noise at all. It locked up during play and mis fired. Then nothing

Any tips or ideas or a good gun tech in the Medway area of Kent


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Pull the motor slighty out of pistol and pull trigger


Motor should spin, if not then perhaps fet blown if there is one fitted or other wire problem

(Motor could be shot but unlikely)


If motor spins the box has locked up


Little process of illimination


Ain't stuck in dead zone - will it fire on full auto

Soz but had to ask???

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Hmmmm weird one coz not 101% sure if it has a fet or not to go pear shape

(not up on the latest G&G's I'm afraid)


does have a mosfet

does not seem to have a mosfet in stock tube


if its still under warranty and before you rip her open, talk to the dealer/place you bought it from is best advice


if the motor connected to G&G FFR still doesn't spin out of grip or half out then something has blown on the wiring side

or on the trigger switch side....

The fet could be blown (G&G fet's are the most robust ones in the past) but can't 101% sure if it has a mosfet


yes you could run a few tests on wiring with a multimeter but what you are testing depends on fet or no fet

in theory if fetted then it would have red/black plus at least one extra thin wire at rear of receiver - stock tube

(doubt if G&G mounted a tiny internal fet), and you should see an extra block on wiring loom in the tube as well as fuse


if it isn't fetted then you will just have red/black wires running to gearbox.....

testing for any breaks on posi wire first - battery end to motor connection

pull trigger and complete circuit or continuity should take place - if not switch is [email protected] perhaps

(was you running her nutz on 11.1v that might start to burn trigger contacts)

or the trigger/switch mechanism may have failed - doubt if it is one of them super duper electronic mofo units or it would of said like on SR range


also check negative wire too - but this would be switched if fetted

the thin red signal wire should work fine testing for continuity on posi lead/trigger switch


as I say - depending on if she is fetted or not but it seems she ain't fetted if I got model correct


I'm trying to determine if the mosfet is blown - but if she ain't got one then it can't be that

trying then to test if the trigger switch is borked either burnt out or a mechanical failure


I would deffo look into contacting the retailer if at all possible first


failing that then maybe ask somebody at ya site who maintains the rental guns so you can save on postage and be kept updated whats wrong etc....


sounds either wiring, mosfet module or mechanical inside the box if trigger switch failed

but a few further tests would help narrow it down to what exactly went pear shape


please contact retailer first is my best advice and use any warranty you might have

if s/hand maybe ask ya site's techy guru mofo next


soz I can't help ya more atm

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well going by this:




it seems it don't have a fet - so just posi & neg to check


check neg tamiya connector to neg motor for continuity


the check positive at tamiya to posi motor and pull switch - should get continuity

if not then than may indicate trouble at switch inside box


if she is under guarantee then you should look at contacting retailer before stripping her down further


there is also the point to check to leads running from tamya to a join just by back of receiver

in case the fuse looks ok but the fuse holder itself is iffy or wires have got caught or unplugged from the connections

(unlikely but still worth checking any points on the loom)


my gut feeling is that it could be switch related inside box, but quite shocked a new gun should fail so soon

you ain't been forcing the trigger on semi if she was stuck in semi's dead zone or going nutz with 11.1v 40c lipo's


I assume you have tried obvious and fired her on full auto and test for continuity on positive on full auto too

but odd a new gun should fail like that as the good ol' G&G's are usually very robust


I wonder if the triger switch stop pin has broke inside - but the trigger would feel a slightly bit lighter to pull

if this has failed then it would be very very wise to contact dealer before you rip her open and void any warranty left

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