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The Joke

G and G CM16 Raider Motor Replacement.

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Hi there,


The motor in my G and G raider has decided to die on me, so I need a replacement. I'd rather keep it under thirty pounds but have it as an upgrade to the original motor. Obviously not something that will destroy the gearbox, everything else in the weapon is still stock.


Any recommendations?


Thank you!

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might be able to get a shs long torque for £30

miles better and won't rip a stock box to bits on mild jiuce


could list others but really needs a major service before you start pushing it


shs torque will be about 30% improvement so you can keep the volts low and still get good results

(no silly 11.1v lipo - 7.4v or 8.4v nimah is ideal for stock gun + shs)


edit small afterthought.....



give him a shout on here and he might sort ya out real proud

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