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New blood in London

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Hello Everyone,

I recently moved to London from Serbia, and am currently looking for a team or place where I can pop in, have some fun, and get my blood pumping.

I used to play Airsoft back home, but the scene there is....underwhelming to say the least. Living in a fairly remote area didn't help either, so getting to games was pretty hard for someone without a team or like minded people around. But I digress.
A quick Google search gives me a few options, but its hard to pick the best (and cheapest) one, and I don't really have anyone who could show me around or give me advice on this matter - Thus I registered here.

So here goes:

Are there any airsoft teams in London that would accept newbies, and be willing to lend a hand in acquiring all the necessary gear, and getting me into a few training sessions?
I don't really have the funds to blow on brand new AS gear, or going to games all by myself all the time.

Also, I am already aware of the law and purchasing hoops one has to go trough to get a replica in the UK. Seems reasonable enough, and I don't mind renting equipment until I can qualify as a buyer, but I am not sure if this applies to buying second hand replicas - I actually prefer second hand stuff, as I enjoy tinkering with things, and customizing them.

As for me being a foreigner, I know some people would be worried about my English, or cultural differences that could affect teamplay - no need to be worried. The Yanks I worked with before made sure that I speak and understand the language perfectly, that also made me pick up their accent. Incidentally, some of those people whom I played a lot of Project Reality with also made sure that I know all their crappy marine/army jokes. Bunch of homos.

Bottom line is, a new friendly and somewhat experienced player is looking for a team in London to help him get around and have some fun.

Any advice or information is more than welcome.

Cheers all!

Also, as an added bonus, my previous weapon - a heavily customised Cybergun Full Metal m4. I miss this thing so much.


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Hey buddy welcome to the forum and welcome to London


Where abouts are you living in London?


Your more than welcome to come along with us to Epsom tunnels it's an underground ww2 air raid shelter. It is dark up close and personal we normally play Wednesday evenings but tomorrow I don't think I'll make it due to work.


Plenty of nationalities their and all friendly


Welcome again mate

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Thanks for the welcome! I am currently in south-west London, Putney to be more precise.

So you guys play every week? That's cool. My work schedule allows me 1 free Wednesday every 2 weeks, and this week I have a shift, so I can't really come. Would love to visit next week if possible tho. I'm assuming this is the place? Quite far, but will see if I can make it. Will deff keep in touch!

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