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Upgrading WE Scar-L AEG

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The performance of my Scar so far has not been massively impressive so as I need to open up the gearbox anyway (it's shooting at ~260fps on 0.25g) I'm planning on doing some upgrades / replacing some of the crappier WE internals.


Not going for a higher rate of fire or anything fancy, just reliability, consistency and range/accuracy.




Done so far:

- ZCI 275mm 6.02 TBB (this was to reduce the barrel length rather then an upgrade)

- G&G Green hop rubber

- XT60 connectors


Planning on doing:

- Stabilizing barrel (bit of movement atm)

- PTFE taping to improve air seal

- Non active braking mosfet, probably an airfet

- New spring

- Bearing spring guide

- Replacing gears with ZCI 18:1 reinforced (stock WE gears are weak)

- re-shim

- Replace air nozzle with an o-ring version

- Check aoe



Without using expensive parts is there anything else I can do?

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Also, looking at ZCI gears, is it worth getting these over their standard ones: http://www.ak2m4.co.uk/zci-gear-set-18-1-performance?search=18:1

Dont really know anything about gears other then the ratios..

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Hi buddy


I recently had a WE SCAR L AEG in which belonged to my friend and i did the following upgrades for him (off the top of my head from what i remember)


Battery connectors changed to Deans

Installed a GATEs Electronics PICO AAB (this has active braking but they have no AB models too)

Used low resistance silver wire and rewired it (i think i used 16AWG but can't remember)


Guarder M110 Spring (with a few coils cut off on the piston end to keep it under 350FPS)

SHS Piston (i think its the blue one with metal teeth)

G&P Xplosive Piston head (it has given me top notch air seal and compression)

Tefloned the Cylinder head

New Air Nozzle with O-Ring (Can't remember the brand)

G&G Original Torque gears (More on this later)

G&P M120 High speed motor


G&G Cold resistance hop up rubber and bucking

Madbull Black Python 6.03mm TBB

Tefloned taped the inner barrel to stop wobble

Polished the inner barrel


Overall it looks like you have all the bases covered, my friends one now shoots between 340 to 345FPS with an average 18RPS.


I will add that if i were you change them crappy WE gears stat, i manage to strip the teeth off his gears whilst testing the gun for him once.


Lastly here is one of my earlier videos regarding the SCAR.



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Hey Shizbazki,


Watched your videos a couple of times previously, they were very informative, thanks!


Don't suppose you know of a good place to get 16AWG silver from? Usual places I look don't seem to have any (even ebay) or I'm just searching with the wrong keywords...



I've seen a few places say how crappy the WE stock gears are, I'll definitely be swapping those out with some reinforced ZCI ones.


Also do you know if it uses a standard length M4 air nozzle?

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See here for Wires, you need to search for PTFE or Teflon or Silver Wires when searching ebay, they are harder to find than crappy Silicon Wires which i find are too thick for V2 Gearboxes, its a little stiffer and therefore harder to route but once bent in place it stays there.




That's where i get my wires for Airsoft from.


Specifically this one for black wires: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Black-19-0-3-PTFE-teflon-silver-plated-copper-wire-/381194589922?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item58c0f7d6e2


And this one for red: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Red-19-0-3-PTFE-teflon-silver-plated-copper-wire-/171688283142?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item27f96b4c06


as for the air nozzle i think it definitely is a normal M4 one, cant be 100% sure as i dont own the SCAR AEG (such as the one seen in the video, its actually my mates).

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Awesome, thanks. Ordered a bunch of it, my mistake was searching for 16awg so none of that was appearing...


Just need to order an air nozzle and some neoprene to sort out aoe and that's everything done.

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Finally managed to get this finished (sort of), few bits were an absolute pain in the arse.


I've managed to bugger up the spring on the selector when putting it back in, alligned the ball bearing + spring, tightened the selector...twist aaaand one mangled spring. Awesome, cant even see how it went wrong. Well I'm an idiot, thought about it for 5 minutes and realised that I'd just not been pushing the selector in far enough..takes quite a bit of force to click it on the last bit.


Also found a clip inside the gearbox after dissasembly, looks like the type used to stop a body pin from coming all the way out, for the life of me cant work out where it was meant to be though.




Things done:

PTFE ZCI 6.02 barrel, nice and stable now

ZCI re-enforced steel shims

ZCI enhanced 18:1 gears

ZCI steel spring guide

ZCI silent piston head

ZCI Shims

o-ring air nozzle

Fixed aoe with neoprene washers (didnt bother with sorbo)

Non-AB Airfet

16awg silver wire

...magpul pistol grip, stock one pissed me off too much with lack of space


Think I may need to swap out the pinion as well though as it sounds a bit whiny?


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