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KWA KG36c 2Gx (2 tone)

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Gun Name and make: KWA KG36c


FPS: 310+ (consistently)

Hop up: yes it does have hop up (Does that mean if it has hop up, or what type of hop up it is??)

Mag Capacity: 470 rounds

Battery: 8.4v 1500mah/1100mah mini (But i did not get the battery with it i am getting my own though)

Plastic/Metal/Both: Both


My opinion and overall comments:

This gun has a very nice weight, i find it a bit heavy but i am a bit young, it is fun to use/hold though. I find it has the right fps to be a skirmishable airsoft gun, and it can use many different type of magazines: JG, TM, KWA, or any other HIGH quality G36 magazines, i think this beats the JG G36c as this gun is made out of much more durable plastic (Polymer, jg is made out of ABS i believe). also i wanted to get a G36 of any kind (except from Sniper variants) as i am a lefty, and this gun almost completely ambidextrous E.G: Fire selector, charging handle, mag release etc. Also i bought this off a member on here 2nd hand, he is stopping airsoft, so if you want it brand new, Action hobbies £245 lol but i got it 2nd hand for £160+£20 for Tactical Vest :) and £7 as i paid half the P&P costs for him.


Pictures: also they might take a while to load? they are quite big, sorry :(





First Person View (Not the best FPS View hehe)



Hop up (in the shell ejection port, where it usually is)



Fire Selector (Safe, Semi automatic and Fully Automatic



The Battery connector/Compartment (mini type)



Overall rating:

8.5/10 as it is very fun to use/hold, but is a bit on the heavy side but it is also durable so i placed it here as i am younger than most people on this forum and so that probably makes out that i am weaker, slightly. i would not really like carrying this around all day.


Tell me if this was a successful review please and if it wasn't, then how can i improve??




Thanks for reading this..

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