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Heroes & Generals

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Any of you Lads play this on steam?


I'll be honest I'm usually a pretty anti social gamer; I just like to shoot people in the face and have no one bother me for the most part. However this being a very strategic game, and my most enjoyable experiences being when a team is somewhat coordinated (it always seem everyone I get put with runs around like a headless chicken oblivious to their surroundings and the enemy right in front of them)


But, I repent! I play mainly as the Germans during War as I have two infantrymen for them, but I can be persuaded to play as a Yank. I'm a measilly level 3 on one of my Germans and my one Yank because I've just started and have spread my time between the three characters.


PM me your steam name's or leave them here and I'll add you for a game :)

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love this game, started recording my vids, the first one is squiffy and second is better visually. Working on my audio to get my mic working so you can hear me squeal like a piggy :D


first vid:


second vid:

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