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I am thinking of getting myself a G&P M16A3

I would like your advice on this particular brand of AEG and any problems that you may have found with them.

I.e internal weaknesses, shorter than average range

I would be paying £230 for the gun, is this good value for money?

Any help you can offer would be appreciated

it doesnt have to be all bad, good things about the brand will help too :D




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G&P AR-15 guns (anything M4 or M16) are incredibly good, best externals for AR-15 AEG's and very good internals. The only thing you may have to upgrade is the hop rubber as the G&P hop rubbers can be a bit naff. But that is an extra £5 for a TM rubber and 100% skirmishable even without it, just maybe a little lacking on the range.


Probably the best make to go for for any M4 or M16 really.

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