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Compression Parts Sealing

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Want to know what us UK folks use to seal compression parts for a better airseal.


Firstly, what do you buy to seal the CH onto the Cylinder. All the yankees chant permatex silicone anerobic gasket maker, but after having a quick look on the fleabay it seems that any anerobic gasket maker is nonexistent in the UK. What alternatives do you guys use?


Would this RTV Silicone Gasket Maker work - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ABRO-RTV-SILICONE-GASKET-MAKER-Black-SEALANT-85G-TUBE-/271561612161?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3f3a555b81


Just want to find an anerobic solution because I've heard that some sealents may actually never cure in the cylinder head (sounds messy), as there is not much air between the CH and the Cylinder ( or at least there shouln't be if you seal it properly)



And what other parts do you seal? I've decided not to glue my piston head to my piston because the screw does its job and the head is rock solid. Do you tape/use dental floss over the bucking and masking tape the barrel to the hop up?

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