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G&P Aimpoint Red dot scope

This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.

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Model number: GP121

Price: ~£35





I have been using the G&P aimpoint now on two different guns. The first was a G&G CM16 Carbine (transparent) with upgraded hop nub and downgraded M90 spring (~325 FPS). The second gun I have tested this sight on is a G&G top tech T4-18 completely stock (320 fps). I have replaced the original rings from the scope and replaced it with a higher mount so that it sits above the usual iron sights aim point to allow it to work better with a mesh mask.


In game I also use a G&P killflash on the front to protect the lens from BB strikes.



The reticle on this sight is supposedly a 4 MOA single red dot. One thing you notice immediately when you look at the dot is its not actually round, mine is made up of a number of dots and the top right has twoi tails pretruding about 2 MOA from the ideal which make the dot look like the playboy bunny! The reticle, at least at 10 metres, seems to correct for parallax reasonably well, its not actually perfect and near the top left and right its more of a problem but the direct sides and the bottom seem to be pretty close to ideal and I get solid groupings from each. Its a dot you want to keep in the middle 1/3 especially on >20m shots but on the reflex shots its going to be acceptable parallax adjustment.


There is also a reflection of the dot that appears as a horizontal smudge just above and to the left of the reticle in certain angles in low light. Its not as bright as the main dot but its pretty annoying and distracting and it gets in the way of the overall image sometimes.


Glass and lense

The glass is tinted green/blue and I would estimate it is darkening the image by about 20% of the light coming in. Even indoors with CQB its not too terrible but in the real darkness (like Epsom bunker) its quite enough to be a problem. You will also see the occasional reflection of light on the target lense from strong lights. I haven't yet had a serious flare in the sunlight but in CQB with strong artificial lights and looking into dark areas its quite apparent sometimes.



Indoors the dot is too bright even on its minimal setting. In a dark CQB environment there is quite a lot of glow on the dot making it bigger, more obscuring and uneven and in the real dark its too bright and your eyes wont adjust to the darkness properly because of it. Its brightest setting has worked happily outside for me at least but the 5 settings of brightness it has just aren't enough, and in particular it doesn't go down low enough for the environments in which I play.



I have bashed the sight about quite a bit and its held up. Its taken quite a few BB strikes and while a little bit of black paint has chipped off the sight is undamaged. The Killflash has also taken a strike and is a little bit bent but it saved the lense and that is its purpose. It certainly looks the part all be it missing all the trades. The lense caps do keep out most stuff but they aren't aimpoint quality and I doubt they are really anything more than shower proof let alone rain proof.



One thing to note about fitting the killflash is there is something not quite right with the threads on the scope. Ideally you should be able to screw the killflash all the way in and then be able to close the dust/weather cover over it. But on mine I can't tighten it down that much. The thread seems to be incorrect from a certain point and the killflash just can't screw all the way in. I know some people on my local site have forced it in and stripped the threads and now can't easily replace the killflash but I didn't do that. So with the killflash on and not damaging the threading on the scope you wont be able to close the dust cover, so you'll probably be removing the killflash and putting it back on every game.



You need a flat headed screw driver to zero this scope. The adjustment jumps are small enough and a click translates to about 0.25cm at 10m. Although I seem to have a particular point in my scope where one click goes a lot further than the one before it, moving the point of aim about 3cm in total. On the CM16 carbine its not an issue, but on the T4-18 the point is right in the middle of the ideal point for left and right adjustment. This means the gun has to be set to hit about 0.5cm to the right of where I would ideally like it to be or its 2.5cm to the left and nothing in between.



Its kind of heavy! With the original mount its a little over 0.5KG, with my reduced size mount its a little under. Its much heavier than a T1 micro (0.15KG) or a holo 551 sight (0.25KG). Considering there is no magnification that is quite of weight and there is no quick release or other extra weight to carry, its all in the scope itself not the attachment,



This scope is one of the cheapest out there and it does the job. Its certainly easier to accurately acquire targets using this than the iron sights. Its far from an ideal sight however, the lense, the reticle and the weight of it all seem to really be its major downsides. But that isn't to say its not good enough, because its more than accurate enough for hitting your targets, but I suspect there are better sights out there.

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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.

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