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Hello from the Far East

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Hello fellow airsoft comrades,


My name is Jeff, and I'm new to UK airsoft. I've done a bit of airsofting in Hong Kong, and as you may know, it is very popular in Asia, but we call it wargaming over there. I never knew airsoft existed in the UK. I just thought you guys only do paintballing.


Anyway, I currently reside and study in London, and am keen to start getting hit by little white ball bearings travelling at great speed.


I have a crappy full metal Dboys M4 CQB, which my friend and I modified so its usable, and a Tokyo Marui P226 two tone, in Hong Kong. I really want to get my UKARA membership so I could ship these over.


So I am wondering if there are any Londoners here who would be happy show me the local airsoft 'customs'.



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try The Sandpitt, Dartford jus East london way. Best site i have been in the South Uk

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