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Hi all a friend of mine saw this ad recently just thought id put it up on here for any thrill seeking airsofters to take advantage of and its a good way to raise some money for help for heroes.

heres the ad.


Hi, have you ever done a sky dive?
Would you and a friend be interested in doing a FREE skydive with us?

How does it work you ask?
We are an events company that support charities and we are running a FREE skydive campaign in support of charity. We support a charity called Assisi Animal Sanctuary which rescue animals and prevent cruelty, OR, you can do it in support of a charity of your own choice, it’s up to you!

How it works is, all you have to do is raise £390 sponsorship and then you get to do a sky dive for FREE.
You can raise this by using our sponsor sheets for people to sponsor you or you can set up a justgiving page so that people can sponsor you online. There is no time limit to it so you can take your time in raising the sponsorship.

Once you raise the sponsorship target then contact us and then you will get your skydive date. Locations are throughout the UK, London, Glasgow, North East, Cardiff, NI, Dublin, Manchester and a lot more.
We do not handle your sponsor money so you are guaranteed that all the money gets through to the charity.

We have to book you through our website so if this interests you give me a call or text me on 07772817121 when at your computer and i'll talk you through the registration process. The only thing you have to pay for is your insurance which is only £40.
However you can get this back if you raise over the £390, therefore raise £430 and then take the £40 back out.

It’s totally safe you are attached to a fully qualified experienced instructor at all times.
Once you register on our website and pay that insurance, you will then receive your welcome pack and receipt within 24hrs by email. In that pack will be all the information on the sky dive, your sponsor form, instructions how to set up Justgiving, charity contact details and all the info you need on raising the sponsorship.

Thanks, Enjoy the sky dive!

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Although I am not a big believer in things like this where people raise money for charity purely in order to do something for free, I guess the end result is money raised for charity. It did make me wonder though, what if you combined a static line jump with a Milsim?

I remember a while back there was a thread about ideas for raising money for charities with airsoft. Well what if someone ran a milsim where the entry fee was a minimum donation/money raised but then the top X number of fundraisers win the chance to be on a team inserted behind the lines by Parachute (subject to weather). You run a course beforehand so they are ready and they jump into the milsim area with their gear waiting for them on the ground ready to start defending an objective until the ground forces of their team can break through to them. If the weather isn't suitable then they get inserted by van and do the jump another time.

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