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Hi All


Hi I am new to the UK I would like to join the airsoft,already participated in my country with friends,but i have few question.

How its work UKARA ?

where i can find some map where we play in Airsoft ?

if I have to pay for entrance?

what i must do to join Airsoft in UK ?

if do not have my weapon here i can rent for play ?


sorry for the mistakes

i have small problems with language but a matter of time :)


In Poland i have team Black Widow

i Have Gun G36C JG608

formula Polish army 93

currently i live in luton access is not a problem

My name is Peter i have 26 years i Play in Airsoft 2 years

I hope that you will help me on many issues and stay on the forum will be pleasant :)

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try airbana for a map of where airsoft sites are: http://www.airsoftmap.net/Skirmish/

You will have to rent for the first few games to build yourself a defence so that you can buy or import weapons. The easiest way is to play 3 times minimum over at least 2 months and get yourself on the UKARA database. Most sites cost £20-25 to play and about the same again to rent a gun.

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