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hfc vsr11 in TM stock no feeding properly


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Hello Everyone,

I recently purchased a second hand black stock for my HFC VSR11 airsoft sniper rifle for fitting to my rifle when i arrive at my airsoft sight and then I fit the stock two tone one when I leave, however i am having some problems with it.


When The hfc stock is fitted it feeds and fires fine, but when the tm(?) stock is fitted, it only feeds if I press the magazine up with my fingers whilst cycling the bolt.


I figured the tm(?) stock must have different tolerances or something, bit the hfc vsr upper half fits perfectly and the hfc mag fits, but after clicking the mag in tightly i can still push it up a few mm. The reason i've been putting a question mark after tm is because im not entirely sure if it is a tm stock, as I always thought the tm stocks were a nasty shiny black, however this sock is matt black like you se on the jg bar10.


Anybody got any ideas as to how i can fix the problem, other than keeping a strong rubber band handy at all times to have the mag pulled up tightly meaning i dont have to keep pushing it whilst i use the gun?


Thanks all,


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I actually had this same problem not long ago.


I cocked up installing my PDi W hold Hop rubber after doing the dental floss mod. Did not push it in enough into the barrel by a fraction of a millimeter. It was sticking out a bit and BBs were getting caught on the edge of the hop rubber lips not allowing them to move to the BB retainer(The big U shaped bit of plastic). Opened the chamber and pushed it in slightly and now the guns feeds perfectly.


The mag catch may be causing the issue with the mag not seating properly or the catch not sitting properly in the stock. Mag catch spring may also not have enough tension.


Hop up block dimensions may be off and sitting too high for the mag


BB retainer spring may be deformed and not giving it enough tension.


Tolerances of the stock may be off causing the hop up chamber to sit too far back by a fraction of a millimeter.


Hop up block may not be screwed into the chamber/outer barrel fully.


The TM stocks actually do have matte paint on them but it comes off easily with use and becomes shiny. JG have a more hard wearing finish on their stock with a more rubbery paint used.


Hop this helps in any way. Try go through a load of possible issues and try eliminate them bit by bit.

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