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Classic Army Magazine compatibility

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I own a Classic Army M15 SPC, I've got a high cap (which came with it) and recently bought some mid-caps from Airsoftworld (http://www.airsoftworld.net/gun-accessories/magazines-for-ammunition/m4-m16-120rd-mid-cap-metal-magazine.html).


I encountered some feed issues from these mags (either not feeding or jamming) and am returning them to AW, the said themselves that other people have returned mags before having had issues with classic army guns jamming with them.


With this in mind what mid-caps would people recommend, also could this fussiness with mags be resolved by replacing the hop unit (as its interfaces with the magazine), I have been toying with the Madbull ultimate hop (although heard issues of it not fitting in some guns).


Any ideas?

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