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Samuel Sim


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We really need people to sponsor our film please check out our project.The film is about about Gang crime in big Cities and has a rather believable story-line featuring plenty of action scenes plus emotional ones.

The cast & crew (So far) have very little money between to get this film up and going just under £250 between us. No where near to get this film, fully edited, full fight scenes, a professional video camera.With the funding we can get a professional video camera, camera man, actors, actresses, directors, script editors, movie special effects artists, stunt men also women + plus loads more etc; Any money left over shall be transfered onto the DVD publishing & will be put in a few cinemas across the UK.

We know there is a similar post to this but my friend posted it and this post a little different. PLEASE SPONSOR AND PROJECT!!!!



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As much as I do support people getting into film making. You guys are currently at the stage where instead of out sourcing editing and visual effects you will need to learn how to do i your selfs (Its better than way, and cheaper)

Like many budding film crews putting a film into cinemas and putting to DVD are two things they dont bother with. Youtube is the friend of short film makers.


In the first short film I helped out on in the year, we had a main prop which was a space shuttle, we had next to no money for props so instead we got all the scrap cardboard from the local tescos to build the thing (took over a week to do so) And in all between all of the filming it was done on about £200 budget.


for Visual effects After effects will be the best tool.

You can download the trail for the software which will last for 30 days, and you can just uninstall and reinstall every month if need be.


Here are some tutorials which cover basic effects and go on for more advanced effects.


adobe after effects trail download http://www.adobe.com/uk/downloads/


as for camera. these can be the hardest things to get. hire charge is usually about 80 a day with an extra deposit or about 50 for a DSLR camera. But if you or a friend have a camera phone. then that is all you need. Iphone4 seems to be the most commonly used on these days.
A friend of mine made a little video which was done entirly on an Iphone4 so can also get shoulder rigs and lens adaptors fr iphones too (which I think is a little bit of a p*ss take but hey theres a market for it so why not)


Also, a good idea is to check out what film challenges are going on throughout the year. Some of these challenges will give you a set of rules, such as a line that must be said, a prop that must be used, and they have to be written, filmed, edited, and submitted in 48 hours. which can be pretty hard work, but very fun at the same time.


good luck though.

Also it might be worth finding the youtube channel "indy mogul" they have a backyard FX series which have some good ways to build pops cheap. and also "film riot" have a video on doing a film on a phone.

good luck.

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Sounds like good advice to me. I have been involved in short films before and to be honest it can be made to look quite orofessional as long as you have the imagination.

The Sony nEX-5 is an incredible camera. Quite cheap but looks pro

Many decent films on YouTube or even short film that go large are shot on cameras like this

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