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Amateur Film.

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So some friends of mine have asked to spread the word of their up coming film.


Its about Gang crime in big Cities and has a rather believable story-line.

Donations are appreciated but Pm me for info.

i'll pass on any comments to the creator.



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looks like the used the after effects templates for the title screens.

tell them to check out video copilot for tutorials on how to do the stuff from scratch.


Also check the audio editing. the first monolouge is set to left channel only so a little work on the audio mix :D


Always glad to see younger kids get into film making, it is lots of fun.


Also, tell them to try out Propeller head reason, its a music program, you can use it make songs, but I like to use it for videos.

Here is the sound track ive made for a demo reel im putting together.


its a bit tricky at first to use but it is useful to learn how to do.

Look forward to see what else they come up with.

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