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We are an easy going kind of forum, but from time-to-time, people won't read the rules or we get people who like to push their luck.


As we have a lot of members, we have a system which allows us to put warnings against your account. A 'forum record' rather than a 'criminal record' if you will.


- For any given offence, we will give you a 'Verbal Warning'. No action will be taken against you. You can receive 3 of these per offence type (generous aren't we?)


If you've had three 'Verbal Warnings', we will start to increase your penalty points. These expire after 100 days but everyone will be aware of how many you have during this time. Be careful or it may damage your reputation within the community.


- 1st penalty point - Inability to create topics or post for 3 days

- 2nd penalty point - Inability to create topics or post for 7 days

- 3rd penalty point - Account suspended for 14 days


If it gets to the 4th penalty point, it will come to the moderators and I to review, we will then decide the most appropriate action. We may go so far as to delete your account, all your topics and all your posts as well as ban you from the forum.


If you have any questions about this system please feel free to PM me.

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