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KWA LMT M4 CQB - ASCU Mosfet & 11.1v LIPO

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Well as most know I sold my G36C and very sad to see it go. So I looked at what was next to go for. I wanted interchangeable platforms to went with another M4.


So here it is.


Purchased from JD Airsoft who kindly fitted me an ASCU MOSFET & Tightbore Barrel 6.03 Madbull....running on an 11.1V LIPO


Tried it on there shooting range and consistent power of 340fps. Used there hi-tech shooting range and managed the following out of 100 points


Target 1 - 10 shots = 98 Points


Target 2 - 10 Shots = 96 points


Target 3 - 10 shots = 94 points


Target 4 - 10 shots = 97 points


Just using iron site without setting up the hop.


I'm very happy with this.


Will update as and when things change

But for now


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Haha thanks unrustle.....


Im the same if im honest...it wasnt built to have ROF in mind. I just wanted a gun that cycles quick and has a good MOSFET in. So bought the M4 then had the bits done.


Now fires at the high ROF - Sounds awesome & hits at 340fps on 0.20's

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