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Fat Git looking to get back into the Hobby

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Hi everyone.


I used to airsoft, must be 5 years ago now. Unfortunalty living in kent, and having no money ment i had to shelve it.


Now that i have some disposable income and live in hampshire, i decided to give it a whirl again.


So any one from the hampshire (farnborough/aldershot) recomend any good/friendly sites as ill be playing as a billy no mates to start with. All my old Softer mates, seem to have given up.


So any suggestions?



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Ambush adventures are in the process of setting up some really great urban sites in Aldershot, should be active by the end of the month. They are ex MOD barracks/offices so look to have a combination of open areas, covered walkways, blocks of buildings etc.




May well be worth a look.

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