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Hi everyone

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First of please let me say that I am
not into airsoft as I am a bit long in the tooth for all that but
I am seeking help and I thought this would be a good place to do
that. I am looking for advise about selling a T.M AEG P90, What I
would like to know is how much is this gun is worth and who can I
legally sell it to? This has NEVER been fired due to it being part of
a collection of Stargate SG1 memorabilia hence no battery was ever
brought for it. This gun has the built in Red dot sight which I
believe was not on the later models.







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I'm not sure about the rules for selling, but a new TM P90 is about £230. So you could probably sell it in the range of £150 + considering it's never been used

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Legally its fine to sell, although you need to check that the person you are selling it to is:

1: Over the age of 18

2: Can prove that they hold a valid defense. UKARA number is the easiest way. You can ring up most major retailers and get them to run that number through their system to check whether they are legit or not.

There are other defenses although harder to prove.


Remember, its not the buyer that goes to jailz for breaking the law, its the seller :)

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