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AI Tornado Impact grenade

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I just want to start out by saying this is my first review. So if it sucks I appaulogize.


I am one of those guys who has been patiently awaiting the release of the Tornado IMPACT grenade. I have the original TIMER grenade from Airsoft Innovations and I've used it to great effect, so I was very excited to finnaly get my hands on one of thier IMPACT grenades.


To start off the packaging is clever and looks as if these people have made the attempt to use recycled cardboard. I don't know if they did but this was deffinateley a winning factor with the wife cuz she's trying to save the world. Anyway. Inside the box you will find the Impact grenade along with the pin, oil, instructions and the 4 tiny parts that consist of the impact timer. They are 2 cylinders 1 large half circle shim and 1 shim. My first thought is... If I lose any of these my grenade is junk until I can get replacements. So lets be careful assembling.

The grenade its self is made of a very tough material like the others and fits perfectly in the palm of my hand. So withought any more time wasted I twist off the top of the grenade and insert the pin then stack the timer set in order as directed. I then push the shuttle up so the pin fits into the hole and screw the grenade back together. I then fill it with BB's, gas it up and screw on the bottom safety cap.


I've seen this thing work on youtube but realy wanted to try it out myself. so putting on some galsses I dropped it. In retrospect I should have dropped it further away as the BB's went flying every where immediately. One managed to hit me in the cheak leaving a fair welt. Oh boy was this going to be good. So I took it apart, loaded and gased it and tryed it again. This time it didn't go off right away and I thought there has to be some mistake. Well there was Like the ipatient dumb Arse I can be, I forgot to lube it up. Remember kids 2 drops in the chamber and yer good to go. Well the shuttle comes of of this thing so easy I decided I would slide it out and give her some oil throughout the entire chamber just to be sure. Think I used 3 drops. Set it all back up again and she worked like a dream.


I couldn't wait to get it out to the field. The first opportunity I had I threw it into a room and it went off imediately alowing me to follow behind shortly after. Those players who knew I had em knew not to stay put for too long as I was comin in and they couldn't pick this one up and throw it back. Everytime it IMPACTED with something it went off. it didn't even have to be very hard. I could pull the pin, run wait then toss when I felt comfortable. It felt great to clear rooms with ease.


With a price tag of about 70£ you don't want to leave these things laying around. Also make sure to tuck away the pin unless you have ordered replacements and don't mind losing it. Like many grenades out there including the pyro ones I haven't found this overly effective in the bush. Add to it that I would hate to lose it in dense underbrush.


Pros: Fits in your hand, pull the pin and run with no worries of setting it off,sturdy build, easy to take down and reasemble, No possibilty of a deafening bang going off near my ear, face, hand or head. BB's a plenty all over the place and the saticfaction of a job well done.


Cons: Small parts that could get lost so put it together in a safe clean area. Not overly useable in dense underbrush.


All in all I think this is a great addition to anybody's kit and a safer alternative to any Pyro on the market being used.

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Nice review i enjoyed reading it :)


And i am new to pryo (due to me beeing under 18) but i guess this dosnt count as pryo right??





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