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Tech Service - A Genuine Cheaper Alternative

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Hey all


I have realised that loads of people develop problems in their AEGs but aren’t really left with many options but to go to their local stores, which can often be expensive. Sometimes the cost doesn’t fairly represent the actual work that was carried out. Being a tech I’ve known of simple solutions in some cases that get over-complicated. I specialise in and have most experience with Version 2 and Version 3 gearboxes.


A little about myself:

I began working on guns before I actually got into Airsoft as a sport. I used to work on my friend’s guns who wanted them to be more reliable and shoot as quick as possible where they used to play a lot of CQB. On an 11.1v 1700mah 15C lipo my personal AKS74U shoots 30+RPS (depending on charge and 30RPS being the minimum) on an M120 spring to avoid pre-engagement (a common reason to why pistons shred in fast setups) and a short stroked piston to bring the velocity down to 360FPS. It is significantly quicker with a higher C rating lipo which I don’t own at the moment, but a 25-30C will take it well above 40RPS. Though it is a CQB gun, it has an effective range of 220ft+ due to the flat hop mod I’ve done to it.


If anyone wants crazy performance, as long as the piston is upgraded to either a Lonex Red or Lonex Blue I will guarantee my work. Should any problems arise, I will sort it free of charge.


I can carry out the following specifics on guns: Wiring, install MOSFETs, shimming, sorbo pad correct AOE, radius the gearbox, piston short stroking, piston swiss cheesing, flat hop mod. A r-hop service coming soon. If there is something I have not mentioned, just ask!


I will offer a “Basic tuning” service, where I will shim, lube, sorbo pad correct AOE and radius the gearbox (if requested) for £50 - customer supplies the parts i.e. shims, lubes, sorbo pads etc. (EDIT - shims, lubes and sorbo pads will now be supplied by ME as part of the service at NO extra cost)


I am based in Bow, East London and will carry out all the work at my home. Customers can bring the gun to my address and I will give an estimation of when work will be completed. All my work will be guaranteed, in a worst case scenario I will rectify any problems free of charge as long as it is not a result of the user's gross negligence i.e. dumping 10 hicaps on full auto one after the other, in which case the signs will show when the gearbox is opened.


This service is in no way related to those who run this forum, I am an individual trying to offer the Airsoft community an alternative.


For more information, just shoot me a PM :)

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Having some Problem's Getting Replie's and My Gearbox back from Tes!


Contact has been made i shall receive it Wednesday/Thursday even went beyond what i expected in compensation!!

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