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Liam Porter

Upgrade platform for DMR - G&P M14 or ARES M110?

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Once again, I'm wanting to get myself a DMR, and once again am considering an ARES.

I know nearly everyone on here has said that ARES are crap and to avoid them, but I'll ask this as a comparative question anyway.


I either want an M110 or an M14 with the Proto body kit.

To look like either this:



Or this:

http://www.imfdb.org...mpany_M110_SASS (just without the great big thermal scope).



So, what I want from them is to be easy/maybe cheap to upgrade to 400 FPS, 450 FPS and 500 FPS and to look good/work well.


I've written up a list of pros and cons that I can see;

ARES M110:


High external quality

Easy spring change system

Better-looking of the two guns

Realistic trades and functions (ambidextrous)



Expensive (~£420)

Mixed reviews (everyone here says bad, a lot of American forums say good/great, everywhere else is mixed)

No where has or has had in stock for ages.


G&P M14:


Considerably cheaper

G&P have higher reputation

Going by my G&P M16, quality will be great (internal and external)

Stronger gearbox version for higher FPS(?)



Not many, if any, helpful reviews

No quick-spring change system

Doesn't look as nice as the M110

Upgrade compatibility?


So, opinions please?

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