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Beginners/Budget Gear Guide.

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After a bit of thought and chit chat, I've decided to officially start writing this guide. Eventually this thread will probably be merged with one of the other many gear guides, but for now it's on its own and open to all.


This guide aims to display different items of gear/equipment that are ideal for beginner players and those working to a budget alike. Initially I'll just list different stuff in categories, this will be followed by a segment of complete loadouts within certain cost brackets, many of these I'll be aiming to get the "general" look of a real world loadout, without the great expense.


All items listed will be followed by a link to wherever I personally would buy them from.


If anyone has requests or questions, please post them below. If you have something you'd like included, please also post it up and I'll stick it in the thread if it's a sound suggestion.


Category 1: Safety First


Airsoft, in my opinion, requires two very specific areas of protection; eye/face and foot/ankle. This category will cover a selection of high quality low cost options for eye/face protection, as well as decent footwear to make sure nobody snaps their ankle. In all the lookalike loadouts below, I will NOT be including the cost of eyewear or footwear etc in their total price, why? Because you honestly cannot put a budget to your health. If you think it's so important you look like a US Marine that you need to scrimp on eye protection etc, you should get out of my sport. In eyewear, you're looking mainly for two things; safety lenses and wraparound sides. In footwear you ideally want comfort, ankle protection and good grip.


Eyes first


Mesh Full-Face £10+P&P: http://www.actionhob...ield_APKVL.aspx

-I've put this in here because it's basically the bread and butter of "n00by" airsoft gear. It's ugly, it's garish but it works. It offers full protection for the front of your face and your eyes. For a tenner I think they're pretty good, the only potential problems you'll face is dust from pellets shattering on the mesh, or pellets getting in from behind, neither of which were ever a problem for me when I started the hobby wearing one of these. Another main advantage is that they don't fog up, which many people feel is a good tradeoff.


Bolle Tracker 2 Full-Wrap Glasses £15+P&P: http://www.actionhob...lear_AWWO8.aspx

-These glasses are probably my favorite for the price. They're excellent quality and the retention strap at the back is something I really like with glasses; they're not going to fall off. They're Bolle, which is an exceptionally well known brand that provides safety gear from sport to military, can't really ask much more than that. The only major disadvantage is fogging which is an issue present in all lensed airsoft eye protection and they don't offer full face protection. The link is to a clear-lens pair, but they come in a couple of different variations (yellow and smoke if I remember rightly).

**These do fog up quite a bit, but personally I don't recommend removing the foam rim on the lenses, if you do that you invalidate all manufacturer claims regarding safety and in doing so take any responsibility for them breaking on yourself.


Bolle BL10 Safety Specs £6+P&P: http://www.actionhob...ear_A15PNK.aspx

-These are about as cheap as eyewear for airsoft can be. If something costs less than this, don't buy it. They're the absolute basic-bog standard glasses, with nothing fancy but still providing the basic protection you need. They don't have the retention strap but they're fine if you don't want that, they come in the same variation of colours (though not from the above link). Same issues as above really, they're protect your eyes but might fog up and don't cover the rest of your face.


Bolle Cobra Safety Goggles £15+P&P: http://www.actionhob...lear_AWWO7.aspx

-Something a little more heavy duty, perhaps suited to the more modern "middle east" look; full wrap goggles. These are pretty basic as goggles come, but they still look sharp. More importantly, they're another entry from Bolle which means you can rely on their rating. These offer the lovely retention strap that I like, they also don't have any gaps round the sides at all which means you can be double sure you're safe. Same issues as before though; fogging and lack of lower face protection.


Bolle Silium Safety Specs £7+P&P: http://www.ebay.co.u...=item1e62ed1df6

As above with the Bolle glasses, great quality, great value for money and a brand you can trust. Only issues being lack of full face, potential fogging and lack of a retention strap.


What if I wear glasses and need prescription lenses etc?

This question has been asked quite a few times on this forum and doesn't really need explaining again, there's no real cheap or easy way round this and so I don't feel an expansive discussion is needed in this guide, so instead, here's two links to relevant threads that have plenty of ideas:




If anyone has read the above and wants to know what I'd recommend, it's contact lenses. They allow you to wear whatever eye or face protection you want without any issues.


Footwear coming tomorrow due to lack of sleep!




More to come later!


Notes on rejected suggestions:

-Uvex Ski Goggles, rejected because I cannot find consistent data regarding their impact rating and thus cannot certify their safety.

-Bolle x800 Goggles, rejected due to price, they don't really come under "budget", that being said, anyone willing to spend £40 on eye protection should look into these for sure.

-ESS Glasses, rejected due to price, as above.


Thanks to:

Marksman556 for the links to threads about eye protection and glasses etc in the eyewear section.

Tariq for the link to the Bolle Silium Safety Specs

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