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TM M4A1 Barrel/Front end wobble and fire selector problem

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A Friend of a friend who found out I airsoft just gave me a load of kit that he has had in his garage for years and in the box was a TM M4A1 I think its a version one,


So hooked up a battery and it still fires! but has some issue's.


1. The fire selector struggles to find semi

2. The Front receiver wobbles which makes the gun feel like its going to break.

3. the the handle part of the body has broken off (I guess i just need to buy a metal body?)

4. Looks like it uses a battery box as the battery cable is hanging out. Can I re-wire it to use a battery stock?


Is there anything else I should check/do to get this gun back on its feet? I've never owned an M4 before I have a stock G3 and G36.





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first off would be a peq box for storing a battery ( action hobbies have a few) and the top rail looks broken so i recommend buying a new receiver and having it fit by a professional unless you fell comfortable with fitting it your self.

if you are going to get the new metal receiver then you will probably need a new fire selector inside the gearbox but before this i would check the wiring all over the gun because one nipped wire could cause a short cut which can cause this (had the same problem) the front receiver by this do you mean the outer barrel and the rail system if so a mad bull ras fix from evike in america would strengthen this up when you have fixed the receiver up :) hope this helped

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