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Buying a Airsoft from the USA

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Hello, I'm new to Airsofting as you can see. And I don't really want to Airsoft, I just want to have replicas since Airsofting seems a bit to dangerous for me.


I have found the D-boys Kar98k Rifle with Ejecting Shells mechanism, and it looks like the perfect replica, Its around £74 from the US site "Evike.com". They ship to the UK by International mail but I have just recently discovered the mixture and confusing laws that go in between buying and recieving.


I just want to have the rifle as a replica to hang on my wall to go with my militaria collection, but the laws I've seen restrict me from having it wooden and realistic, they say something about bright green, that would ruin the effect.


I am friends and a forum member with/of the GDRecon, Grossdeutschland re-enacters group, however I do not participate yet because of the expensive costume. Anywho, They use proper blank firing heavy de-act rifles and they cost about £200-400 to buy from the dealer, then you need a proper locked safe to keep it in e.t.c.


But mine will be a airsoft rifle, is there a way I can get Customs to remove the BB's or something so I can prove I'm not using it for BB playing?

I really want it because its cheap and goes with my collection but I don't want to have to join hundreds of sites and send 10 letters out to diffrent places just to own it. I need some teaching on the laws and how to prove myself.



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Bottom line no


You wil NEED to play airsoft before you can get that rifle


You can buy it in bright green if your over 18


There isnt anyway possible to get around it





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Although you said that the re-enactment group is expensive to get into, that may be your only option if you don't want to go the airsoft route. If you were to become an official re-enactor you may be able to get exemption to allow you to posess the an RIF. However, I don't know the exact process for that method so you would have to find out yourself.

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