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  1. Cracked my CASV out of it's spazzyness on full auto :D all it took was to sh*t brix when i heard a slight CRACK when firing it

    1. Hef Legend

      Hef Legend

      what's up with it?

    2. RabidNinja64


      basically somet with the trigger contacts or the selector plate, but every time i went into full auto, it just wouldnt stop, which then passed over to semi until you took the battery out. had it on semi for my skirmish last saturday, took it out yesterday to clean the barrel and whatnot, test fired, tested on auto (which spazzed), disconnected, then just heard a slight crack. the look of horror on mine and my brothers face. reconnected, test fired and full auto is all good.

    3. Hef Legend

      Hef Legend

      My selector plate was a little stiff, it seems there was some casting/seams on the plastic which wore down pretty quick :)