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  1. Testing the gun out and its firing automatically on safe?

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    2. RabidNinja64


      I was hoping that wernt the case with the trigger contacts haha; and Kurtz yeah it's still shooting normally now. messing around with it last night i kinda sorted it with pulling the trigger alot so it settles in with the selector plate (??). The only issue now is that when i switch from semi to auto it doesnt stop firing.


      Saying that, we (me and my bro) only noticed all this when we tried switching it to deans last night. The wiring is also silver plated so could it be somethi...

    3. RabidNinja64


      *Could it be something with the resistance or the battery? id be using a 7.4 lipo btw.

    4. Colonel Kurtz

      Colonel Kurtz

      This kinda thing happening only after battery/lead swap suggests arcing perhaps?

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