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  1. So i got my Warrior triple elastic mag pouch for my plate carrier and i noticed that my TM NGRS m4 mags are really hard to pull out because of the rubber inside the mag pouch. How did any of got around that to make them bit loose and making it so mags pull out easier. Because right now i require to use quite abit of force to pull mags out.

    1. Alpha.s1


      Honestly the best thing to do is just to put the mag in And out again , as many times as you need until it loosens up. Might take a bit of effort but eventually it will get better

    2. matas17


      @Alpha.s1 its not that they are not loose that rubberized material is sown inside pouches which makes it hard to pull out mags.

    3. Alpha.s1


      Ive used them in the past, and ditched them in favour of the bfg style , with EPM’s my teammates use them and their feedback was that it will get easier, I get that their not loose, but thats just my poor description skills😂

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