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  1. Some parcels have turned up. I can't remember what I've ordered...

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    2. Lambster


      Not picked them up yet. I get stuff delivered to my Mum's.

      I did figure out what I've ordered though. What has turned up though I have no idea yet. lol

    3. Lambster


      This is what I've ordered though:

      Speed loader, SPEED BB Shield, ESS Prescription Inserts for my v12 Advancers, 9.6v 1600mah Crane Stock battery and some black Mechanix originals

      Was planning on ordered a XCorTech x3300w but having second thoughts now as I just bought a Burst Wizard King Super 2. Might just get a tracer or standard silencer

    4. CON


      Sweet man, my pay just come through , straight in, straight out haha


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