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  1. I have a JG G36C and I really want to get some trades on it instead of having it completely blank. I've seen a JG G36C with trades added before but no explanation as to how. Are there any stencils or stickers I could buy?
  2. I detailed my intentions of filing small claims and I got my money the day after. Glad to be done with it.
  3. I am also owed money by WeaponCrates. I've been trying to sort things out for a few weeks and this thread has been a life saver. Only after going through the info here did I find details on the company and the owner Zac to find out he's local to me! I've spoken to airsofters I know in the area and some of them had some stories to tell about him. What are the odds?! I better not give more details on that outside of PMs so feel free to get in contact. I'd love to hear what @Tackle and @proffrink know as well. I just feel lucky that I'm local and ha
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