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  1. Whom will be attending the events at Skirmish Airsoft Nottingham on Saturday ?

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    2. Bottledtorment


      Lovely you will be able to see penny my shotgun from a 100 yards . She is named penny after her recent surgery involving a new mag release spring made from a pen spring oh and a pen cap for a new bore hole for the alan key socket. just another great gun from JJBG .

      I didn't buy it by it originally my mate gave it to me after he said it was completely knackered , no just 'fantastic quality' of DE :D

      Hope to see y'all there.

    3. Airsoft-Ed


      I will more than likely commandeer the entire centre table with my rifle, rig and myriad magazines. Plus have a camera on my helmet, so I ought to be easy enough to spot, if I somehow miss your bright orange shotgun lol.

    4. Bottledtorment


      I don't know whats worse the 'tactical' sellotape or the colour . :S


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