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  1. Fizzy

    Slow selling recently?

    Probably even longer than that. Certainly, in the case of standard mid-high end AEG's, which were affected the most due to low end (G&G CM's for example) being decent for the money, and at the higher end of the scale, you're into TM recoil money
  2. Fizzy

    Safe zone torched

    Rated 'insightful'
  3. Fizzy

    VFC H&K 417D - Mosfet Fitted Standard?

    The earlier 417s didnt have a MOSFET but later ones do. Can't find out what it is, I suspect it's one VFC have had made up for them
  4. Fizzy

    Safe zone torched

    Were probably riding stolen scooters too...
  5. Fizzy

    Best shooting glasses

    The gap was around the sides of the lens where it covers the cheek. I take a large sized crash helmet, so...
  6. Fizzy

    Best shooting glasses

    This! I was interested in some of the Revision Sawflys to replace my 'well past it' ESS Ice. Skirmished with a buddy the other week who wore his issued ones, and there was quite a large gap at the sides where your cheek is, so much so it's completely put me off buying a set
  7. Fizzy

    firearms ban after prison

    Yes, and the guy who only had 12 months to live, about 5 years ago
  8. Fizzy

    firearms ban after prison

    Aggravating factors that might put restrictions on your release perhaps?
  9. Fizzy

    firearms ban after prison

    A good point well made! You might want to mention to your 'policeman friend' that Realistic Imitation Firearms aren't classed as toys...