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  1. Cheers guys, really appreciate the way this has been answered. The Fma was the one i was looking at, albeit by accident. I am looking for a headset too, to hang from the rails. It will be to fit my Midland. Currently im using a Bow M style, but the helmet means more 'Stuff'. Being an airsofter, we all like to buy 'stuff' ;-) Dave
  2. I did see the FMA helmets actually and was curious about them. Glad to hear that they are good quality. ​Definitely cheaper than the real article either way. I think spending the £250 on a SF Kevlar helmet is a little overkill ;-) ​Cheers guys Dave
  3. Title says it all really; but, for clarity what is the best value Fast Helmet out there. This has to be a quality helmet which can be accessorised with decent attachments. As well as a good ergonomic fit the helmet should be adjustable and comfortable to wear. Any experiences and advice welcomed. Cheers Dave
  4. Based in Hong Kong, using a .co.uk domain. Very cheeky indeed. Thanks for that advice.
  5. Don't suppose you could identify some from a UK retailer could you. I found this retailer www.tacticalgeartrade.co.uk although any really. Dave
  6. Hi, Just purchased a pair of Midland G7 radios for use at sites. Looking now for a set of compatible headset with boom mic but confused over which unit and PTT unit to purchase. Help please David
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