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  1. Has anyone got more to add to this thread. I'm curious if anyone has tried some other parts configurations etc?..
  2. I just got a reply from pdi. Sadly they are still not close to releasing the trigger for the aw338 yet.
  3. I'm also wondering what the chance would be to mod this to fit the Ares. It looks a hell of a lot like that one from TNT Sniper parts... I do think that you will sacrifice some of the novelty functions of the rifle, namely the cocking indicator...ooo..and likely the functioning safety.....but.....worthy trade offs considering the upsides... This one on the other hand I do not thing would be that easy to adopt.... I know that PDI did tell me that they were focusing on making a trigger first for the AW338 this year, the hop up was likely to be next year. Looking at how simple it "could" be to mod an existing trigger, I can see why.
  4. Hey Yeah...sorry I should have identified the two pic. the top one is for thew Ares and the bottom is for the TM L96. the only shite thing for that trigger group is they only accept bank transfers. Not my favorite payment option. AND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PDI has released the black palsonite cylinder set for the AW338....no need for the shiny silver ugly one!!!!!! Sweetness....
  5. So, I've been examining these parts and I see a huge similarity between these parts. The difference seems only to be the mounting points. Makes me wonder how difficult it would be to make those kind of mounting points and use another brands trigger???
  6. Omfg.....seriously....http://www.tntsniperproshop.com/product.detail_909472_en_5096423
  7. I emailed x-fire yesterday. They told me the new aw338 cylinder set will be listed on their English site by the end of the week. I bought the raven set from x-fire and it arrived to me in Canada in about 2 weeks. We have shite postal service here. Otherwise the transaction went as smooth as any other online retailer. I'll be picking one of these sets up this week when it's listed on their site.
  8. Not quite a full set, but it's a damn fine set....http://www.x-fire.org/ares/aw338/cylinderset_hd/cylinderset_hd.html
  9. Also, one of my distributors has informed me they now have the co2 bolt for the aw338 in stock.
  10. My teammate has the Ashbury 338 and the upgrade kit. The trigger won't fit, that's a given, none of the current triggers on the market will...but I'll try the cylinder tomorrow when I'm at the shop. Cheers Mike
  11. Dammit......now I gotta change my order yet again with x-fire. hahah.... RE: that link... I'm thoroughly impressed with the PDI kit and I'm not a fan of the shiny cylinder. I'd really like to see a complete trigger done by PDI....but alas....one can hope. Has anyone heard news about the CO2 kit for these rifles?
  12. Hey guys, so I bought a PDI VSR piston sear.......and........installed it. It works fine as far as I can tell. No hang ups or anything. I ant speak for other brands per se, but the PDI one fit with no problems. Now that said, who can say they are 100% sure the trigger sear is VSR 10 compatible?
  13. So got the flash hider off...its not threaded at all. Its just a sleeve. Hopefully PDI will come out with one sooner rather than later.
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