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  1. TIL The new G&G Top tech RK Externals are OEM'd by LCT. Now I want one really badly.

    1. M_P


      How much are they though, any over 300 then you may as well get a real sword

    2. Unrustle_Thine_Jimmies


      I'm not sure on the Irish price,G&Gs Irish retailers,AirsoftEire and SG airsoft dont have them in yet,but I've heard they will be more or less the price of an average LCT,around 300-320€. I would love the RS Type 56,but I dont really like Chinese AKs(Im aware they're made in HK) and Im bloody sick of the AK47,need some AKM,AK74 and AK10x up in this bitch. Still,chances of me getting one is slim,I'm going to spend a good bit on kit in Ukraine and a new sidearm.

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