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  1. AGM M4A1, Gun bag, and some spares for sale on my post.

  2. Tomorrow's the day my stuff should arrive I hope. Been near a month. Some 'Sly Profits' people may not agree with them but they will last me a while, and new M4.

  3. Ouzx

    Airsoft World

    Fairly disappointed with AirsoftWorld ordered my full metal M4 near on a month ago and still yet to receive it. Yes I did pay the extra £10 for 2-Tone and it's STILL 5th in the que which it has been for a week. I was expecting it to be maybe a week added to the shipping giving them time to paint it but 3 and a half weeks is getting a bit to much.. Emailed them and yet to receive a reply. An even once it's painted I'll probably have to wait the standard 7-11 days for it to be delivered. Making it around 2 months...
  4. Was looking forward to Air-soft this week with my full metal M4A1. But turns out I must now wait another 2 & half weeks just for it to be painted.

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    2. Ouzx


      Airsoft world

    3. TacMaster


      Glad I didn't buy my gun from them this week, I'd have needed it 2 toned as well!

    4. Ouzx


      Yea they didn't even tell me. When I ordered it they said 7-11 days, then they spring this up on me haha, let down.

  5. AGM M4A1 Full metal. Dye i4 mask. Black combats, black sweater.
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