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    Looking at getting
    WE Sig P226 GBB
    and either
    VFC HK416 or G&G Top Tech T418
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    Whatever I can Fit! Wherever I can fit it!
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    Cool Under Fire (Kent)
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    Kent - Sittingbourne
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    Army Cadet Force Instructor at Sittingbourne Detachment in Kent
    Would like to try Milsim at some point
    Other than that having fun

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  1. Need opinions on the various L85 out there. Is the G&G top tech going to be the best deal and Where can I get a Daniel Defence rail for less than £130?

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    2. JamesACF1994


      The G&G come with a tight bore barrel and high torque motor, also no need for an adaptor and is around £20 more than the ICS


      I admit I have no experience with anything other than anonymous rental AK47s.


      Is the ICS a more reliable weapon?

    3. TPI


      Put it this way i now own 5...

    4. Airsoft-Ed


      I've had my ICS for around 14 months now which puts the rounds through it somewhere in the 45,000 region and it's never skipped a beat. Love it to pieces.

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