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    OD overalls, black tac gear. A bit SWAT looking...but not really :D
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  1. Been airsofting (rather infrequently) for about a year...just wondering if I am man enough to do it in short sleeves...

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    2. Airsoft Related Nickname

      Airsoft Related Nickname

      Haha. I am thinking of going with a pair of combats and a polo shirt and no rig. I normally only have a long sleeve t-shirt to cover my arms anyway...and I have some scars to prove how ineffective that is :D

    3. two_zero


      short sleeved, absolutely if weather allows it, its not like its the bb going to go thru your arm:)


      There so many people playing with rig thinking they are kings just because they do not realise they get hit.. keep the clutter to minimal guys!

    4. two_zero


      *downside to short sleeves is your skin tone, if you're white.

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